Alvarado Intermediate School

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Welcome to Science!


7th Grade Integrated Science Syllabus

Greetings and Welcome to a new year of science!

My goal for all of my students is to become a scientist. They will not only learn the scientific concepts but learn how to think through a problem like a scientist. Critical thinking skills and problem analysis are a must have in my classroom.


The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have been adopted and are beginning to be implemented in schools throughout the State of California. With this new adoption, we are entering an exciting time for the students, parents, and teachers at Alvarado Intermediate School; for science instruction is taking on a hands-on experiential approach.  The NGSS shifts science instruction away from an emphasis on knowledge acquisition and towards teaching students to use scientific knowledge and engineering practices to conduct investigations and solve problems.  

Course Description: Integrated science for the seventh grade will focus on the critical-thinking skills that will help to develop the innovators of tomorrow.  Students will engage with curriculum from the fields of earth, life, and physical science. With the help of NGSS your science class will promote a new way of teaching and learning that will allow you to actively do and experience science in a deep, meaningful way, not just to learn about it from a textbook or lecture.  To accomplish this task, we will integrate three dimensions of learning:

  • Science disciplinary core ideas (the content)
  • Major practices (how science is conducted in the real world)
  • Crosscutting concepts (science ideas, like cause and effect)

Classroom Expectations:

  1. Student driven and teacher guided
  2. Be involved with YOUR learning. Be present!
  3. Work collaboratively with your classmates during all discussions and activities.
  4. Be prepared with the appropriate supplies.
  5. Be safe and follow directions at all times.
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