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Promoting Honor

7th and 8th Grade STEM Students
Mrs. Stevenson
How can you inspire others to walk the Alvarado Mile?
Project Description
Walk a Mile in My Shoes.  Powerful words, especially after a Global Pandemic changed the road of teaching and learning.  It led to many questions. How do we navigate this new road?  In a time of limited contacts, how do we share the gifts and talents of our students?  How do we invite others to step up and walk the Alvarado mile beside us?
The answer was found in student created promotional videos.  Through the process, students took the time to identify and consult with members of their focus group to learn how they utilized our Alvarado HONOR values and beliefs. By studying digital photography, the use of consultation skills, and video production; STEM students were empowered to produce videos highlighting their focus groups Alvarado mile.  
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Teacher Reflection
I could not be more proud.  My students took on the task to look outside of themselves to find a way to not only highlight a focus group's HONOR values and beliefs, but to inspire and welcome others to join in that mile. Using an everyday tool, their cell phones, students used their unique gifts and talents to create something, not for themselves but for others.  Congratulations.  I know you have gained much more than the technical expertise to pull this off.  For you have learned to truly ask about others and how to tell stories so that THEIR light could shine.