Alvarado Intermediate School

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About the Teacher

I am grateful for my experiences as a part of the Rowland Unified School District. I have many memories as both a student and a teacher over the years! I am a proud Rowland High School graduate. As a teacher, I have explored and enjoyed teaching students from elementary through high school, with experiences at several campuses in the district. I have had the privilege of teaching at Rowland Elementary, Nogales High School, and Rincon Intermediate. I believe my perfect fit is right here, teaching intermediate school students at Alvarado! This is my ninth year here and I am looking forward to it. I have a bachelor's degree from Cal State Long Beach, a master's degree from Cal State Fullerton, and multiple and single subject credentials.


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  • West Africa had no written language, so no written history
  • Culture recorded using oral history
  • Storytellers called griots passed on their history & cultural values through stories of people & spiritual forces of the natural world
  • Music was often used
  • Stories entertained & educated
  • W. Africans believed their departed ancestors watched over them
  • thought ancestors could help the living communicate w/ the creator of the universe
  • griots -often part of religious rituals where people appealed to ancestors for favor & protection
  • griots -important in the transmission of African history