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 I am a 2002 graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History. I completed my Teaching Credential from Cal Poly Pomona in Spring 2005. Alvarado Intermediate is special to me because I completed my Student Teaching here and was a Substitute teacher for the Rowland Unified School District before being hired in May 2006. In the seventh grade World History class, we will begin with the Rise of the Roman Empire and conclude with Meso-American Civilizations. We will use the textbook World History: Medieval and Early Modern Times as a frame in which to study cultures, people and historical events. 
 Before each unit of study, I will provide the Unit’s specific standards to the students. After each unit there will be an assessment. There are three Common Assessments that are given to all 7th graders at Alvarado.

In addition to teaching World History, I also teach the 8th Grade Spanish I Class. This course is a rigorous class that covers high school Spanish I standards. This is a year-long, high school level elective course and is in alignment with Spanish 1 curriculum. This program closely follows the Spanish Foreign Language State Standards. The study of geography and culture will be taught in connection to the textbook and students’ writing so that it becomes meaningful to them. Students will be required to actively participate and learn the language through speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Spanish. In order to facilitate your students’ progress in Spanish, encourage your student to immerse themselves in Hispanic culture through various media. Television, music in Spanish and Spanish language magazines may be especially helpful. Southern California is also rich in Hispanic history and culture. Visiting culture sites and events as a family will help your student grow in understanding and appreciation of its influence in our society today.
World History: Medieval and Early Modern Times Online Textbook: