United States History is a remarkable and fascinating subject.  It is literally the story of our country and the personal lives of those involved in that story.  Students will learn about this history by many methods in my class.  We will use our book, small groups, lectures, computer lessons, projects, video and various other techniques to learn the story of our country.    If you have questions or need to contact me, please send me an email.  That will be the quickest form of communication to answer your questions.
The units we will cover this year are Discovery and Exploration, The 13 Colonies, The American Revolution, The Constitution, The New Republic, The Westward Movement, The Civil War, Reconstruction,  Industrialization, and Immigration.

World History-In the seventh grade, students will begin their course study with the rise of the Roman Empire and will continue to journey through the Medieval period, roughly between the fall of the Roman Empire, A.D. 470 to 1789.  They will study a variety of cultures worldwide including African, Asian, Islamic, European, and Mesoamerican, and the geography, significant events, and people associated with these cultures.

TEST -- 13 Colonies-- September 19, 2019