Alvarado Intermediate School

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      Alvarado Intermediate School is committed to assuring that parents/guardians of English Learners have a voice in the education of their children.  The English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) provides parents/guardians opportunities to have a leadership voice and to provide input and recommendations by:
  • Participating in the school's need assessment of students, parents and teachers. 
  • Advising the principal and school staff on the school's program of English Learners.
  • Providing input on the most effective ways to ensure regular school attendance.
  • Reflecting and recommending the school on the annual language census information.
  • Advising the School Site Council on the development of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).
  • Providing recommendation and advice on the EIA/LEP and Title III-LEP budget allocations as it pertains to the academic and language needs of the EL student to have equity and equality in their education to close the achievement gap.