Alvarado Intermediate School

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Dress Code



A Dress Code Waiver Application may only be filed within three (3) weeks of enrollment.  Waivers are only granted for medical or religious reasons.  If the reason is financial, we can assist you.  All District “Student Dress Code” standards apply at all times.


Standardized Dress



CLOTHING CONDITIONS – NO pictures, no words, no logos on ANY item worn to school.



      Color:                     Any solid color

      Style:                      Pants – “Docker” style; jeans

                                    Shorts – Walking style; jeans style



                        Pants/Jeans:           •     Must fit at the waist, knee, and ankle for a tailored look.

•     Must not be bigger than two (2) inches at the waist, or five (5) inches at the knee.

•     Must be machine-hemmed or hand-sewn.  No torn or frayed clothing.

•     Must be worn at the waist.

•     May be worn no longer than the top front of the shoe.

•     May not have any designs or patterns on them.  Just solid-color jeans.


      Walking                  •     Same as Pants conditions above, except for length.

      Shorts:                   •     May be no shorter than the fingers when standing with the arms fully extended

                                                downward, and not longer than the bottom of the kneecap.



      Color:         One solid color

      Style:          Collared, long or short sleeved polo shirt.  Polos must have 2 or 3 buttons.  No zippers.

                        Alvarado Spirit Shirts may be worn instead of a polo shirt.

                        On Tuesdays a T-shirt, polo, or sweatshirt with a college or university logo may be worn.




•     No oversize shirts (shoulder seam should be no shorter than two inches past shoulder bone)

•     Polo and Spirit Shirts must be no longer than the wrist when standing with arms fully extended.

•     No layering under polo shirts or spirit shirts.



      Color:         One solid color




•     May be no shorter than the fingers when standing with the arms fully extended downward.

•     NO Leggings.



·         Sweatshirts:

       Any solid color

       No longer than hip length.

       Must be worn with collared polo shirt or Spirit Shirt underneath.


·         SWEATERS     

       Any solid color.

       Pullover or cardigan styles.


·         JACKETS:

       No designs, pictures, writing, or logos.

       Hooded jackets are allowed but hoods must remain off while on campus.


·         BELTS:

       No cloth belts with metal buckles, initials, or numbers stamped on/in them.

       Belts CANNOT be long, with the ends hanging down.

·         HATS:

       Hats are allowed for sun protection outside.

       Only Alvarado hats are allowed and may be purchased in the student store

       Hats can only be worn outside of the classroom.

       The bill of the hat must face forward.

·         KNIT CAPS

          No knit caps (beanies) are to be worn on campus. During cold weather, please wear a hooded sweatshirt for extra warmth



·         No face paint or stickers on the face

·         Sunglasses may be worn outside only