Alvarado Intermediate School

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Students Step into Leadership Role at Alvarado

ASB students at Alvarado came up with an idea to help Principal Karen Magaña since she was without an Assistant Principal for a short time… let a student be one!

Dressed professionally in a tie and with walkie-talkie in hand, ASB 8th grade student Nick Tardif was selected as VP for the Day after he submitted an outstanding letter of interest. “I loved this idea and wanted to make sure that our student would be involved in all Assistant Principal areas. He has been busy with me today conducting instructional walks throughout the campus, assisting with nutrition and lunch supervision and even helped with our first discipline referral and helped assemble disaster preparedness manuals for our teachers,” said Magaña.

   “It was really fun walking around and assisting Ms. Magaña. When we walked into classrooms we wanted to make sure that the teacher had an objective written on the board and that the students were on task and following the objective,” said Nicholas. There has been such an interest from students, the opportunity to be VP for a Day is now open to all students who submit a letter.