Do iPads increase IQ? Alvarado Intermediate School knows student interest skyrockets when the little computers come out in Hacienda Heights.

In fact, this digital generation would be happy to ditch the textbooks altogether. They live on the Internet, so why shouldn't they learn there too?

"I love teaching with the iPads. The students become so motivated and engaged in the learning," explained eighth-grade teacher Sue Cook, who al sits on the school's digital committee.

"They're all so excited when we use them for an activity. It's quiet because they're concentrating on the assignment with their iPads," Cook said.

Principal Yinglee Tsao began the pilot program with 166 iPads. Half her teachers

Students put away their iPads at Alvarado Intermediate School in Rowland Heights. (Staff photo by Watchara Phomicinda)
volunteered to train on the nifty little devices and now teach with the electronic tablets.

"It's completely changed my teaching. Now I have so many more tools to teach with," said science teacher Jamie Stanton. The enthusiastic instructor uses iPads in her seventh-grade classes. For one lesson, Stanton had the students use iMovie to illustrate a concept.

"I was blown away by their creativeness, they really did a nice job of showing that they understood the lesson," Stanton added. "I'd use them every day if I could."

Unfortunately, the school only has enough iPads to allow the teachers to share on a rotating basis. So they take turns teaching Alvarado's 859 students with them.

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