Alvarado Intermediate School

**Student Dismissal Extended. Remote Student Learning Until End of School Year, June 4. Meals To Go at Selected Sites.**

Alvarado Student Learning During Dismissal

ALVARADO Continuity of Education Student Learning Plans

Continued Learning Directory

“Find My Teacher, Find My Resources”

Teachers are using a variety of different platforms to provide lessons and resources to students. Please add your online platform information below to help students/families find their teacher’s resources online.

*To quickly find your teacher -- press “ctrl + f” (“command + f” for Mac) and then type in your teacher’s name. 



Online Platforms


8th Grade English

Please check Mrs. Abbott’s webpage for more information.

Assignments and directions are posted there.


7th grade Science

Google Classroom

*Check for new postings & due dates from me every few days.

Any students unable to get into your google classroom, or have questions, can email me at Please use your own/home email so I can reply back to you, not your s100 email thnx (:!


Special Education

Email:  to be added to group text chat.

Instagram:  Operation_empowerment

Work packets sent home Friday 3/13/2020


Physical Ed.

All periods--Canales via Alvarado website as of 3-17-20


7th Grade English

Google Classroom 

Castro GC Codes:               Bakken GC Codes:     

Pd 1: 7k4423r                      Pd 1: 2dm7v7x         

Pd 2: cnkuan7                     Pd 2: wt7dqfv

Pd 3: kpq573g                     Pd 3: oxxea4l

Pd 4: r2w4sn3                      Pd 4: bc4o4fb

Pd 5: fjf5nqz                         Pd 5: gr3pozm


Castro Codes:                    Bakken Codes:

Pd 1: tidy story 46              Pd 1: giddy cap 52

Pd 2: fair brake 14             Pd 2: rainy music 35

Pd 3: certain jaguar 50       Pd 3: quick castle 55

Pd 4: purple pan 75              Pd 4: fearless gate 36

Pd 5: specific grain 38          Pd 5: broad artwork 72



Instagram: @ms.castro_   @ms_bakken_ais  School Website: 



Periods 1, 2, 3 and 6:

For assignments go to: - Academics Menu - Staff Directory - Linda Delia 

email questions or username/password needs

Period 5 below...

For assignments go to:   Google Classroom for Khan Academy assignments

email questions or username/password needs


Physical Ed.

All classes   Google classroom

  • PE exercise log and modifications
  • Youtube videos will also be on Google classroom showing workouts, updates and new activities

Google classroom class codes

Per. 2 - 6s4opor

Per. 3 - ckslnlt                  Per. 4 - ssxkmlb

Per. 5 - s6bt2vc                Per. 6 - eyhghrj

Please contact me if you have any questions

Instagram:   @ais_flick

  • PE exercise log is available
  • Updates, modifications, changes to workouts
  • Video of new workouts
  • How to’s : wash hands, be active, proper workout techniques, etc. 
  • Daily workouts w/Mr. Flick including PE exercise log, other workouts like yoga and more
  • Motivational pics and videos
  • Health related information and positivity
  • #alvaradofit

  • Find Mr. Jason Flick and go to my PE homepage
  • I posted the google link to my PE exercise log on our school webpage


8th Grade English

Frank website via Alvarado website and/or google classroom.  See my website via 

Alvarado website for period codes.




Google Classroom  

Per. 6  World History   Flipgrid code garza9874

 Per. 4 US History     Flipgrid code garza0931

RSP support osvbibd



English Language Support


Google Classroom

Period 1: 7ryd266                                Period 2/4: fu2w75b

Period 3: aq2tvlx                                 Period 5/6: lrc6sfy (for oral communication English Language practice) email:


8th grade History

Schreiber website via Alvarado website 

Linda Kim

8th grade Math

Remind (please check daily for assignments and announcements, Schoology-login with Clever(review, video, and supplemental materials), Big Ideas (content support and daily work), Khanacademy, Legends of Learning (Teacher Code: KIMLIN1), and Quizizz.

Google Classroom

Period 1 (Math 8):qhkpmo3

Period 2 (Algebra 1): n52kivo

Period 3 (Algebra 2):vixozf4

Period 4 (Algebra 1):j5wob54

Period 6 (Algebra 1):g5bntxc

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Kim.


7th grade Math

“Google Classroom” is where I list assignments:

Period 1……….b3hhy2mk     (Class code)

Period 3……….nwuy2ej     (Class code) Period 4……….vbgo3ua     (Class code)

Period 5……….6tnhjds    (Class code) Period 6……….pudqphx    (Class code)

BigIdeasmath ………...Khan Academy                       Quizzizz………..Math Antics


AKA Mrs. Lago


Google Classroom Codes        Flipgrid Codes

Science 7: 3ge72gk                     Science 7: lagoscience7

Science 8: gtlof5i                         Science 8: lagoscience8

Leadership: k7atfj6                      Leadership: aisrenaissance

RSP Support: osvbibd                 RSP Support: alvaradorsp




Google Classroom: all classes     IG @swtteachlucero

All students have already accessed and logged into 

Google Classroom.


8th Grade Counselor 

@aiscounselorlugo or email (8th grade registration)




IG - mrsmarylugo_ais


Google Classroom:log in information -

Period 1 - tkukx4x        RSP support and questions:                            

                                     Google Classroom - osvbibd             

Period 3 - r3c5t5h         Flip Grid access -alvaradorsp

Please don’t hesitate to email me with questions. And for my Periods 1 & 3 don’t forget to ‘share’ your work with me.  

We Can Do This. 



Google Classroom: Please check Google Classroom. 

BAND App: That will be our primary source of communication. Check Google Classroom for instructions

Smart Music: This will be our primary source of practice and music assignments


Munoz, Linda

Math and Study Skills

Google Classroom

Period 1: wanwz75                3rd Period: jb2yqcx

I am working to provide video to show how to do some of the problems.  Patience is a virtue.


Geometry and 

8th grade Math

Remind, Schoology, Google Classroom, Big Ideas Math (Login with Clever), Khanacademy, Quizizz, Legends of Learning (Teacher Code: PHUNGT1).  

Remind:  Math 8                                 Geometry

                Period 1 - @84d29g            Period 3 - @gca3g22

                Period 2 - @fk4fb7              Period 4 - @h7h9hd

                Period 6 - @c8h8cc

Google Classroom:

                Math 8                                 Geometry

                Period 1 - yeclpq3               Period 3 - rr57ubs

                Period 2 - unq7ghi               Period 4 - n35jiib

                Period 6 - sp7ed64

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Phung at or text me through Remind.                


7th grade Science

Google Classroom:

Period 1: g6heer6                   Period 2: xosydqf

Period 4: 3cjswgq                    Period 5: qwo542c Period 6: qqzprj5


8th grade Science

Instagram: @Rinkerscience

Remind: Science Honors (Per. 3, 6) - @7ae896   

               Science (Per. 1, 4, 5) - @fccg9g

Google Classroom

Per 1: uqdp2sr                Per 3: drko3pu

Per 4: vejbgmu               Per 5: mf5pkdf   Per 6: yenckuf

*Textbook can be accessed through Clever —> McGraw Hill —> Launch



Leadership Compassion--Google Classroom: eljamja

Speech Therapy--Google Classroom:  d3nasge

Saenz, Christian

8th grade Math

7th Grade AVID

Men’s Basketball


  • All learning opportunities have been posted in the Big Ideas Math online platform. There is no need to post anything into Schoology.
  • I have uploaded support resources into Schoology for review and help if needed.


  • Continue to build your ePortfolios (Google Site)
  • Continue to build your Group College Presentations (Google Slide).
    • Check Schoology for updated information and learning opportunities.

Basketball Family

  • Daily Workout!!! If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready!
  • 250 Pushups           250 Situps
  • 50 Burpees             50 Toe Ups

Blessings and health to all families in this time of crisis. To all my Matadors, you are dearly missed. Remember to fall back on what makes you YOU! 

Honesty-Ownership-NEVER GIVE UP-Open Heartedness-Respect    


Email me if you have any questions: 


8th grade Science

Google Classroom 

if problems getting into your classroom, email me at


8th grade History

Schreiber website via Alvarado website 


8th Grade Eng/History

Google Classroom

Period 2 & 3: 27mfrvh              Period 4 & 6: y4rh2gp


8th grade Science


Science- Google Classroom→ ivo257d
STEM- Google Classroom for assignments


7th grade History

Google ClassroomStudents should already be enrolled in Google classroom for their period.

Per. 1         bdcurle

Per. 2         igjtd5v       Per. 3 xbj43bt

Per. 4         g4hekwa   Per. 6 ih7ilyw


7th Grade Math and Math Intervention

Google Classroom & Khan Academy & Quizizz

All students have been enrolled into the class. 

Class code is provided when students login to Aeries. 

If they have any issues, please email me at


7th grade History and 8th grade Spanish

7th Grade World History

Google Classroom and National Geography Online Textbook                   

Period 1 - 2qfledb            Period 2 - 368dca               Period 3 - e3dc88

Period 4 - 6c9k86            Period 6 - 4ge9fac

8th Grade Spanish 1:  

Check Google Classroom Calendar for daily responsibilities.  

Assignments submitted through Google Classroom and FlipGrid

Unlisted Youtube Videos for both classes:: Link placed on COVID-19 File 

Instagram: @14th_year_teaching           




Technology Support Hotline (for parents/students/staff): (626)854-8543

Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM



RUSD Parent Information Hotline: (626)854-8549

Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 4:30 PM



*Children MUST be present to receive meals.

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