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Food Truck Project - Algebra 1

Algebra 1

Mrs. Kim


Essential Question
How can we connect mathematical concepts of systems of equations to the real life business world?
Students demonstrated understanding and provided mathematical reasoning to real life word problems using their menu and prices. Based on their revenue and total monthly cost, students created and wrote linear equations for each scenario.  Students then solved the systems of equations using different methods.: Graphing, Substitution, and Elimination.
  • Research the food truck industry and make a business plan.
  • Create business concept, name, menu, and prices
  • Use accurate calculations.
  • Create linear equations - revenue and monthly cost.
  • Find the break even point using three methods- Elimination, Substitution, and Graphing
  • Able to identify and explain the solution, and communicate mathematical thinking coherently to peers and teachers in writing. 
HONOR Collaboration
Student Reflection
I am most proud of the whole website design and how much work our group put in to get the project done…  I used HONOR in many different ways. I was open-hearted to my teammate's ideas and I never gave up, even when things got really hard. My teammates and I were honest to each other about our own opinions and on our different thoughts, too.
- Joshua S.
Some H.O.N.O.R values we showed throughout this whole project were definitely Never-give-up, Ownership, and Open-hearted. For Never-Give-up, we continued on working on this project even though it was hard and complicated. We showed Ownership by taking control over our own assignments. We showed Open-hearted by helping out our teammates even when things got complicated throughout this project. This project was confusing and hard at times but as a team, we got over it.
- Shanice C.

I was able to apply Alvarado's HONOR beliefs and values during this project.
1, being honest and fair with my group members.
2, I was taking ownership of our work, and being able to listen to the mistakes made.
3, I never gave up. So many times did I feel like I couldn't do it, yet I was able to. 
4, I was able to be open-hearted and I listened with kindness. 
5, I was respectful to my peers and was also giving
- Zane N.
Teacher Reflection
For this project, students took on roles and responsibilities using gifts and talents to make the project attractive and relevant to real life. They also exercised Open-heartedness and ownership  so that their project can be completed on time. I was impressed by their creativity, hard work, and the spirit of Never Give Up!  They truly have demonstrated the greatest versions of themselves!