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ABC's and 123's Project - Algebra 1

Algebra 1

Mrs. Kim


Essential Question
How can we connect mathematical equations and inequalities to real life situations?
This group project can be easily differentiated and adjusted based on students ‘ ability and needs.  The goal of this group project is to demonstrate their knowledge on equations and inequalities by creating their own math problems with ABC’s and 123’s as applied to variables, inequalities, and equations.
  • Able to combine math skills and creativity to make their own equations and word problems that correspond to their letters and numbers.
  • Able to apply inverse operations to multi-step equations and inequalities effectively.
  • Able to show work step by step and check their solution for accuracy.

HONOR Collaboration
Student Reflections
Trying to make an equation or a word problem that makes sense took a while. In fact, I had to rework an entire equation I already did because it was wrong. But I used one of the meanings of H.O.N.O.R.S which was never give up… - Ron M
In this project, I really needed to think outside the box and use numbers to be the product of a variable with a given amount. Throughout this process, I’ve learned much about making complex inequalities and equations simpler by using inverse operations to get the variable alone to determine its value or possible values.  In addition, I‘ve found the distributive property a useful tool to double, triple, quadruple... a number or use it to make a new term to be added or subtracted to another like term. - Sofia F.
Doing this project was a lot of fun because I got to work with people I’ve never worked with before. To add on, I felt that this project pushed my thinking to the next level because I’ve never created my own equations and inequalities.  - Isabella T.
During my project I used the Honor values Never give up and Open Hearted.…  Additionally, I used Open Hearted and the belief statement “Everyone needs a teacher” by helping my teammates if they were confused on how to write or solve their equations.- William L.
I really enjoyed this project because it was a challenge… I overcame this challenge by applying my new gained algebra skills and applied HONOR by NOT GIVING UP . I contributed to this group project by collaborating with my team members and showing RESPECT to each of their ideas and opinions. I requested feedback from my team and my teacher to make sure my part of the project was accurate and completed in a timely manner. The skills I’ve gained will help me build on my future math skills. -Laksh H.
Teacher Reflections
I enjoyed watching my students apply math skills they’ve learned and slowly gain confidence during this project. A lot of my students struggled with creating real life word problems matching their corresponding Alphabet letters to numbers.  However, seeing my students helping each other and critiquing each other’s problems, and seeking additional resources for a better outcome of the project was rewarding. Everyone needs a teacher!