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Disney Movie Character: Desmos Art Project - Algebra 2


Algebra 2

Mrs. Kim


Essential Question
How can we connect mathematical concepts to concrete, real-world shapes and pictures?
Who is your favorite Disney character?  How does this Disney character resemble our HONOR values?

The goal of this project is for students to deepen their understanding of the concept of functions and apply different types of graphs.  Students identified the best attributes of the sketch to write and create mathematical equations using domain and range. 
  • Students are able to identify special features of different functions.
  • Students are able to evaluate and analyze different types of graphs.
  • Students are able to graph and write equations of different functions: Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Circle, Conic,Exponential, etc.
  • Students can explore advanced features of Desmos and apply them to their drawing.
Student Disney Desmos
Disney Character: Thumper
HONOR Value: Never Give Up
Disney Character: The White Rabbit
HONOR Value: Ownership
Disney Character: Heihei
HONOR Value: Never Give Up
Disney Character: Kermit
HONOR Value: Honesty and Never Give Up
Disney Character: Kiyoko Shimizu
HONOR Value: Honesty, Never Give Up, Open-Hearted, and Respect
Student Reflection
This project fascinated me because I called for a balance of technical skills and an understanding of equations… Additionally, it felt like all of our math skills from the previous year is contributed to this project; learning how to plot points in the third grade, how to form equations in the 4th, building on our visual representation skills in the 5th and 6th, and learning all sorts of equations like exponential, cubic, etc. in the middle school. It's almost like the algebra final boss. – Evangeline K.
My most challenging moment of this project was shading. The rainbow was difficult because it involved precise domain, range, and colors. Throughout it, I reminded myself to never give up. Day after day, I tried again. I studied multiple videos to help me learn how to shade. Although it was difficult at first, perseverance is what led me to finish this project and I had a lot of hope for Kermit, knowing he would turn out amazing. – Anna L
Teacher Reflection
Incorporating various forms of technology is an essential component to increase students’ mastery of mathematical concepts. This Desmos art project is an excellent way to evaluate student learning and extend their understanding with mathematical reasoning, problem solving, and communication. This project not only reinforced the math skills they have learned, but also encouraged them to explore and use additional advanced mathematical equations, like Sine, Cosine and Conic. I was impressed by their creativity, passion, and the spirit of Never Give Up!  They truly have demonstrated the Greatest Versions of Themselves!