Castle Project-Math 8: Virtual Exhibition » Creating 3-D Castles

Creating 3-D Castles

Math 8th
Mrs. Phung, Mrs. Kim, Ms. Hernandez
Project Description
In this project, students constructed 3-dimensional figures (cubes, rectangular prisms, square pyramids, cylinders, and cones) to build a castle. This project supports our unit on volume of 3-D figures. The goal of this project was for students to deepen their understanding of volume, constructing shapes, and real life applications. Students will be graded on accuracy and participate in a “most creative” castle contest! 
  • Must use minimum of 10 shapes
  • Ability to use volume formulas for different shapes
  • Use accurate calculations
  • Find the total volume of the castle
  • Ability to measure lengths, widths, and heights of 3-C figures in inches
Mrs. Phung
Teacher Reflection
Upon completion of the volume unit, we were excited to see students being able to connect and apply their knowledge to build a 3-D model. It was a slow start at first, but as the days progressed we witnessed students becoming more engaged and confident in their abilities. This was a great opportunity to bring math and art together. Students demonstrated their gifts and talents by working with their peers, brining their strengths and creativity for a non-traditional assessment. -Mrs. Phung, Mrs. Kim, Ms. Hernandez