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Investigating Earthquakes- Algebra 2

How can we connect logarithms and exponential functions to concrete, real world?
8th Algebra 2
Mrs. Kim
Earthquake Project Objectives
  • Research, investigate and analyze data.
  • History of Richter Scale.
  • Identify essential quantitative relations and communicate mathematical thinking coherently to peers and teachers.
  • Using the formula, students compare to assess the relationship between intensity of quakes and damage.
Teacher Reflection
In this project, students applied logarithm functions to compare the intensity of real-world earthquakes to assess and show the relationship between the intensity of quakes and damage.  It was a great experience for me to watch my students collaborate and work together. Students utilized their strengths and talents to enrich their learning experience, showing all students are Gifted and Talented.  Also, students showed their Open-Heartedness and their Never Give Up spirit by depending on each other and overcoming any challenges and difficulties they encountered. -Mrs. Kim