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Game Development PBL and ASA Student Projects

8th Grade English
Mrs. Jung
Game Development Essential Question
How can you as a game developer (Hasbro, Nintendo, or Sony) design an innovative game about HONOR that would positively develop the characters in Flowers for Algernon
Project Description
The goal of the project was to integrate and develop one Project Based Learning Project to cultivate higher-order thinking skills as well as creativity for the students, reaching their highest academic potential with 70% accuracy through both their exhibition and presentation combined. 
How do I make connections to our subject matter and real-life contexts through the PBL? Students are able to cultivate their talents through this project.  Students created a project centered on their own interests and HONOR. 
GD Collage
Student Project Samples
American Student Assistance Essential Question
 How can you design and develop a solution for issues we face today such as climate change and challenges encountered on Mars?

Climate Change Project Objectives

Investigate the factors that impact climate change.

Research the effects on the community through the lens of a self-selected set of careers.

Develop suggestions based on your research to proactively aid with response to climate change.


  • As an environmental lawyer, develop a case for an environmental issue in your community
  • As a small business owner, develop a eco-friendly business.
  • As a wildlife conservationist, choose an animal species or area of the United States and develop a plan for the public to protect it. 
  • As an urban planner, build eco-friendly features for a city or community, which can include public parks, buildings, public transportation features, etc.

Landing on Mars Project Objectives

Identify the physical characteristics of Mars including its location, climate, and geographical features.

Research the challenges to building a colony on Mars.

Develop a plan to make building a colony on Mars Possible.



Collect evidence to support a developed plan.

  • As an engineer, develop a plan and a spacecraft to transport humans to Mars.
  • As an architect, create the design of the colony itself. Consider temperature, lack of oxygen, and air pressure in the design.
  • As a scientist, create a solution to having a continual food and water supply for the colony. 
Teacher Reflection
The best part of both our PBL and ASA Projects was learning from my students.  Our students saw me as one of their peers during the exhibition!  Witnessing all of my students as my teachers was truly eye opening, and helped me to realize that they are full of talent.  Everyone needs a teacher!