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My name is Mrs. Mary Lugo. I've been in education for 30 years and teaching for the past 20 all of them in Special Education.
I hold two teaching credentials, one in Special Education and the other in General Education. I also hold a Master's degree in Education with an emphasis in Special Education. Wow! I must laugh that's a lot of education.
I have degrees from Cal State Fullerton, and Cal Poly Pomona. I was recently accepted as a student in Screenwriting at Chapman University.
I love what I do and enjoy working with your students. I have a Pull Out program where I have your children working on projects, and tests in my room. The other is a Push In program where my aide or I will work with your child in the classroom setting. My aide and I work very hard to make sure that your student does not feel singled out. In doing so we also help any child in the class, once our students are taken care of. I also teach one period of the day.

One of the questions I get most from my students' parents is "How can I help my child?" One of the easiest ways is to make sure that your child has an agenda AND writes in it everyday. Check the agenda and if you have any questions the check the school's website. The homework is the most challenging to keep up with so I depend on my teachers for that information.

Stay in touch with me either by phone, email, or notes sent. It helps me greatly.